Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Distressed Shorts

Hey guys! Another DIY tutorial coming your way! :D

I got these pair of loose high-waisted jeans from my mom. It wasn't very flattering because it looked like a pair of mom jeans. Also, a thing popped up from my mind: I DON'T HAVE A PAIR OF BLACK SHORTS. So I immediately decided to cut it up these oldies into fresh new distressed shorts.

* A pair of pants
*A pair of shorts a s a pattern
*Marking Tool
*Distressing tools (blade, sand paper, cheese grater, etc)

STEP 1: Mark how short you want your shorts to be, you can use the pair of shorts as a guide. TIP: Leave an allowance when marking for the distressing part.

STEP 2: Cut it.

This is how it will look like after cutting both legs! (Sorry, the other side has a stain)

STEP 3: Using any distressing tool, distress the ends of your shorts. I used the side of my scissors to distress it, I just rubbed it onto the shorts.

VOILA! Distressed!

STEP 4: Using any marking tool (preferably tailor's chalk) mark the part you want to distress. Then distress it using THIS METHOD.


And the finished product! I absolutely fell in love with my DIY. Imma gonna wear it anytime, anywhere! :D

I hope you liked the tutorial and the product just as I did! I hope you enjoy doing your own :D
Leave some comments, I love reading them! :)

Oh, Happy Bonifacio Day here in the Philippines!


Have a great weekend! :D

xoxox France


  1. Glad you tried out the DIY project! Your shorts look great :)

  2. Very cool! Love it and so much helpful :) hope u check out my blog too! Follow each other? :))

    Love lots :*

    1. Sure! I'm glad you loved it :))

      (Followed you :D)

  3. Cool :) nice idea :))
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    1. Thanks :) Sure, I'll try :)