Sunday, August 26, 2012

Knit Sweaters ♥

Knit sweaters are just some of my obsessions right now, so I am here to share you some pictures I found while surfing the net for these babies. (As you can see, these photos are not mine)

Credits to weheartit.

I am seriously drooling over these now, so I'm saving up to buy 3 or more knit sweaters, as it is also rainy here in the Philippines.

Have a happy Monday :D

xoxo France

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY Distressed Shorts + How to Bleach A Pair of Shorts

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting recently, I've been too busy of my studies. Thankfully, I made time to make this simple DIY project. I AM REALLY SORRY FOR THE LOW QUALITY, our camera was needed to be repaired, so I used my camera phone, instead. Let's get started!

I accidentally bought a pair of shorts without any reason, (must be the effect of studying hard ;)) and I was shocked to see them at my cabinet. When I asked mom whose shorts those were, she said that it was mine and I bought it. So, yeah. Pretty stupid of me, huh? :D

*Pair of shorts or pants you want to cut
*Marking tool
*Cutter, tweezers, or any distressing tool

STEP 1: Mark on how short you want your shorts to be.

STEP 2: Cut the desired length.

STEP 3: Mark the place where you will distress your shorts. (TIP: Draw an oval-shaped figure and trace lines inside the shape)

STEP 4: Using scissors or a cutter, cut the lines you have just traced.

STEP 5: Using the tweezers, pull the thread out of the shorts, and pretty much distress it.

This is how it will look like after an hour of PATIENCE.

STEP 6: (OPTIONAL) Grab a bucket, bleach, and water. Fill a bucket with 3/4 water and 1/4 bleach. Soak the shorts, and wait for 1-2 hours until you get the desired color. (FINALLY FIXED THE CAMERA HERE)

I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial, bye! :)
(P.S. Please leave comments, I love reading them :D)

xoxo France

Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY Galaxy Mustache Top

Remember my post about the DIY Galaxy Shoes? So, if you think my galaxy obsessions are over, well think again!

I have 2 pieces of mustache tops I made some time ago, so for today, its all about how to "galaxify" this mustache top. Let's get started!

*A mustache top/shirt; or you could just make one like I did
*Blue, Violet, Pink, and White textile paint
* Paintbrush
*An old toothbrush
*An old magazine

STEP 1: Put a n old magazine inside the top to prevent soaking the paint through.

STEP 2: Start painting. Start first using the blue paint as a base coat.

STEP 3: The begin with the violet paint.

STEP 4: Add pink and white, and blend it with the blue and violet paint, for it to be more "cloudy-fluffy-looking."

STEP 5: Using an old toothbrush, dip it in the white paint, and scrape it off to add the stars. Then add glitters for it to look more shiny.

And there you have it! A galaxy-riffic mustache top!
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial guys, I hope you'll leave a comment. I love reading them.


xxx France