Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hey guys! Let me share you what I did yesterday....SHOPPING! Yes, I was looking for shirts inside a department store at the mall, then I saw these shirts from the brand "Fun Tee" and I was left in aw how awesome their shirts were, and they were 10% off, so I stole 3 shirts, just kidding, I bought them! :D

This is the first shirt I bought, a MEME-BASED shirt. I loved the "Me Gusta" meme. It was originally 129 pesos (almost $4), but it was 10% off :D

The second shirt was a "MUSTACHE" inspired shirt. I loved how it has the different styles of mustaches of the world :D

This last shirt is my favorite, it is a "THE HUNGER GAMES" based shirt.

Exams are coming so I'll be gone for a week or two, gonna cram up and study what is needed to be studied.  Have a great week guys! :D

xxx France

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DIY: Scallop Shorts

I have these old pair of white shorts that was barely used, and I've also seen a lot of scallop shorts lately, I've been meaning to buy one, but I thought, hey, I could make one!


*A pair of shorts
*Pen and Cardboard for making the scallop pattern

Because the shorts were naturally cuffed, I cut the thread connecting the cuff. As you can see in the first  picture of this post, I already removed the cuff.

Using the cardboard, pen, and scissor, make a scallop pattern. It depends on you on how big or how small the scallop should be.

Trace the scallop pattern on the shorts.

Using a zigzag stitch, sew the outline of the stitch and then cut the rest, leaving only the scallops.

VOILA! Scallop shorts :D I'd have to say, it turned out better than what I expected :D

Have a great day guys! :)

xxx France

Sunday, July 1, 2012

DIY American Flag Shorts

I just adore flag shorts, I've been meaning to buy one, but I guess it's not very popular here in the Philippines, so why not make a pair?
 So let's get started!

*A pair of shorts (preferably denim)
*White and Red fabric paint
*A paintbrush or sponge
*Star Pattern

This is how it looks like before the process of painting it.

Tape the areas where you don't want to get the paint on.

Start painting the red and white stripes. I did another coat for the red stripes cause it kept getting transparent on the dark denim.

Now paint the stars using your paintbrush and white fabric paint. Here's a TIP: When painting the stars, make sure that the tape is aligned diagonally, so the stars will also be aligned like that. (e.g. stars-space-stars-space)

Add studs!

Now you can wear these and show it of to your friends!

xxxx France