Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIY Aztec Shoes

Yo! I'm back for another DIY!

So I had a school mate who knew I had the artistic skills in me (*ehem*) so she asked me to revamp her pair of Tom's and to put aztec designs on it.


*A pair of canvass shoes (or any plain colored shoes)
*Fabric Marker

So the steps are pretty simple, sketch any aztec pattern on the shoes, then use fabric marker to highlight the pattern! :)

And..... you're done!

Bye guys!

\xoxo France

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

DIY: Overall Shorts (A Comeback Post)

HEY GUYS, I'M BACK!  Sorry I've been gone for "a while" (*coughs*) Well I've been gone for 11 months; so yeah, I'm really sorry. :(

   So since I've been gone for a looooong time, I'll make it up to you guys with a special DIY comeback post!

   First, let's start off with this: I AM OBSESSED WITH OVERALLS. I know, they're kind of weird for a teenager like I am, but to tell you the truth I really haven't lost that touch of childishness in me yet.  Lately, I've also seen them worn by celebrities, and that they're making a comeback for the trend this year.  I'm glad to have known that I'm not the only one who has a taste for them :D

   So back to the topic, I've been searching for the perfect dungarees to cut off as overalls shorts (since I'm a cheapskate I wouldn't dare buy the expensive ones) so I went to local thrift stores in search of it.  It took me forever to find one that I almost thought of giving up UNTIL I saw these babies:

The perfect dungarees!  I jumped in joy after finally finding these.  I found these at a local thrift store near our town in the men's section.  The tag says it's size 29, but when I tried it on, it fitted me well (FYI my waistline is 25-26)  So I didn't waste time to buy this pair.  And the best part?  It only costed me Php 100! :D

What you'll need:
*Overall pants/ dungarees
*Marking Pen

STEPS: Okay, so let's skip the details. You only need to follow 3 steps: MARK, CUT, FOLD, and you're done! :)

VOILA!  Now you have a pair of sick-looking overalls shorts!
I was thinking of making a post on how to wear them,what do you think?  I would really like to know what you think, so please leave a comment or two, aiyt? :)


(P.S. I'm going to post more DIY's every two weeks as much as possible, so please bear with me)

Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Distressed Shorts

Hey guys! Another DIY tutorial coming your way! :D

I got these pair of loose high-waisted jeans from my mom. It wasn't very flattering because it looked like a pair of mom jeans. Also, a thing popped up from my mind: I DON'T HAVE A PAIR OF BLACK SHORTS. So I immediately decided to cut it up these oldies into fresh new distressed shorts.

* A pair of pants
*A pair of shorts a s a pattern
*Marking Tool
*Distressing tools (blade, sand paper, cheese grater, etc)

STEP 1: Mark how short you want your shorts to be, you can use the pair of shorts as a guide. TIP: Leave an allowance when marking for the distressing part.

STEP 2: Cut it.

This is how it will look like after cutting both legs! (Sorry, the other side has a stain)

STEP 3: Using any distressing tool, distress the ends of your shorts. I used the side of my scissors to distress it, I just rubbed it onto the shorts.

VOILA! Distressed!

STEP 4: Using any marking tool (preferably tailor's chalk) mark the part you want to distress. Then distress it using THIS METHOD.


And the finished product! I absolutely fell in love with my DIY. Imma gonna wear it anytime, anywhere! :D

I hope you liked the tutorial and the product just as I did! I hope you enjoy doing your own :D
Leave some comments, I love reading them! :)

Oh, Happy Bonifacio Day here in the Philippines!


Have a great weekend! :D

xoxox France

Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Adventure Time Shirt

For those who are following me on Instagram, some of you might have seen pictures of I painting an adventure time shirt. So, here is the tutorial on how to make it! (Sorry it took soooo long.)

My friend's sister paid me to do this, since she was a fan of Adventure Time, which is also my favorite, so it took me up courage to give it to her, since I also wanted to have it :D

Let's start!
*Plain white shirt/top
*Fabric Marker
*Fabric paint

STEP 1: Start drawing the pattern, I did mine some of the characters of Adventure Time.

Hah! Finished drawing :D

STEP 2: Using your fabric marker, fill in the outlines of the stencils.

STEP 3: Paint!
Hahaha so here's the finished product! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, bye! :D


Have a great weekend guys! :D

xxx France