Sunday, May 13, 2012

For the MOST AMAZING WOMAN in our life.

   "Mama", "Mommy", "Mom", "Inay", "Nanay" These are just some of the names we call the woman who gave it her all to give birth to us, raise us, protect us, care for us, and love us: our mother.  For all the sacrifices she did for us, she deserves a day for her to relax and enjoy the life she has.  She also deserves a gift from her lovely children.  A simple thank you card with the words "You're the best mom." or even the three, simple yet absorbing words, "I love you."is enough to make her day.

   Love your mom while you still can because life IS short.  Your mom is the best and most amazing woman you'll ever have.  Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there, and to my mom, whom I love the most. :)

(P.S. Made this giant paper rose for my mom, `coz handmade gifts are definitely the best!)


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