Monday, April 30, 2012

One Day At The Mall

   One day at the mall, I was looking at some stores then suddenly, I found this adorable top at Preppy’s.  I immediately went to it and was sooo totally inlove with it but...

ME: Oh my gosh, that is just so cute! *Runs to it* Excuse me, ma`am, how much is this?

SALESLADY: That’s 1,500 pesos. (Almost $35)

ME: *disappointed* Ooooooohhh... Ok... Thank you.
*Saleslady left me for another customer*

ME: I only have 500 pesos. *Singing to the cute top* “Never mind I’ll find someone like youuuuu.”

*People staring*
ME: *Continue singing* “I wish nothing but the best, for youuu...”

*People continue staring*

   So, yeah, sad to say, I didn’t buy the top due to its price.

LESSON LEARNED: I knew I should've practice my singing skills....

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